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According To New Research, These Alien Skulls Might Not Be So Alien After All...

NOVEMBER 25, 2015  —  By Tim Unkenholz  
Tim Unkenholz

Tim Unkenholz

Writer and stand up comedian in NY. Check out my monthly comedy show Roomie Raiders at the Creek and The Cave! @timunken

For many UFO believers, ancient skulls with elongated craniums are the smoking gun to the theory that an alien race originally terraformed our planet. Even if the skulls were of humans and not aliens, who taught the humans to artificially deform their heads in that way? Who were they trying to emulate?

Well, researchers believe that they have found an answer to those questions, and it's a little underwhelming. As it turns out, the elder people who taught humans how to elongate their skulls were...other humans.

For a long time, it was believed that skulls like these -- which have been found all around the world -- were evidence of extraterrestrial life.

But a batch of elongated skulls found in Patagonia may have changed all that. Once belonging to a tribe of hunter-gatherers from 2,000 years ago, archaeologists believe that the skulls were influenced by a strange practice that began 43,000 years before.

The ancient process of artificial cranial deformation began with children. Force was applied to the child's cranium with wood, distorting normal growth.

The goal of the elongated cranium was to display intelligence. The intention was not necessarily to show other tribes how big their brains were, but to show that they acquired this practice from a more intelligent tribe of humans -- the Neanderthals.

The earliest known evidence of this practice dates back to the time of the Neanderthals roughly 45,000 years ago. It eventually spread through many lands, like Russia, France, and Scandinavia.

So by this theory's logic, head modification was created as a way to prove that other tribes were just as smart as the Neanderthals. Ironic, right? But do you know what blows my mind? What group of intelligent people were the Neanderthals were trying to emulate? Were they taking cues from an alien race? It appears that we're right back where we started...