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These Stolen NASA Photos Are A Conspiracy Theorist's Dream Come True

DECEMBER 5, 2015  —  By Mike Cahill  
Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill

Mike is ViralNova's resident Editor of the Weird. If it makes you say "OMG! That's terrible!!!" then Mike probably wrote it. Despite the subject of his articles Mike is surprisingly well adjusted. When he's not writing, he's making music, performing, and producing podcasts.

When most people think about conspiracy theories, they usually focus on the well-known ones like the JFK assassination. But those of us who make conspiracy theories a part of our lives know that there's a lot more to it than that. Sadly, what makes the life of a conspiracy theorist difficult is an almost complete lack of evidence -- until now, that is.

A set of photos that were allegedly stolen from NASA's servers might just provide all the evidence we need. While the quality isn't great, these pictures are compelling nonetheless. Check out a few of them below.

1. This image shows some sort of large (unplanned?) underwater explosion happening near an assembled Navy fleet.

2. This could be a cave on Earth, but there's something eerily alien about it.

3. Here's an archeologist standing next to the fossilized bones of a "giant."

4. More giant bones. Some believe that the Earth used to be inhabited by giant aliens.

5. This black and white photo shows what looks like a damaged UFO crashing into our planet.

6. That's certainly an unusual artifact.

7. Here's what looks like an Arctic expedition uncovering a crashed UFO.

8. Undiscovered underwater city, anyone?

9. This looks like a hurricane, but there are very few documented storms that look like this.

10. Those look an awful lot like exhaust tubes of some sort that were carved directly into the wall of that canyon.

(via Disclose.Tv)

It's certainly possible that more than a few of these photos have been altered or fabricated. Still...a couple of them are very compelling. I can't get over the idea of giant aliens living on Earth.