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Beware The Gobi Desert -- There Might Be Death Worms Wriggling Beneath Your Feet

NOVEMBER 23, 2015  —  By Mike Cahill  
Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill

Mike is ViralNova's resident Editor of the Weird. If it makes you say "OMG! That's terrible!!!" then Mike probably wrote it. Despite the subject of his articles Mike is surprisingly well adjusted. When he's not writing, he's making music, performing, and producing podcasts.

When you think of the most terrifying places on Earth, does the Gobi Desert ever make the cut? In fact, do any deserts really make it onto those lists? Well, think about that for a moment. There's no water anywhere, the sun is relentless, and there are snakes and scorpions waiting to make a meal out of you.

Can't get much worse, right? What if you threw some Mongolian death worms into the mix? Yeah, that would do the trick.

The Mongolian death worm is a giant mythological cryptid that's said to stalk the sands of the Gobi desert.

According to local Mongolian legends, the death worm has a bright red body that's between two and five feet long. Depending on who you talk to, the worm sometimes has the ability to spew a special acid that corrodes everything it touches. Some also report that the death worm has the ability to kill prey at a distance by using electric shocks.

The worm is said to live in the most arid areas of the Gobi desert. It travels from place to place underground, but its movements can be seen on the surface by following waves in the sand.

Local legend says that the worms hibernate about 10 months out of the year and only become active in June and July.

These things evidently love feeding on camels, but that won't stop them from snacking on a human if they come across one.

While the Mongolian death worm is a fantastic name for a cryptid, there is little evidence (aside from local legends) to say that this creature actually exists.

(via Wikipedia)

Well, that is utterly terrifying. If death worms exist in the Gobi Desert, they could very well live in other deserts around the world. Let that sink in.