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33 Creepy Santa Pictures That Will Make You Head For The Hills Next Time You See Him

DECEMBER 8, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

Christmas is right around the corner, which means that countless little kids will flock to the mall to get their pictures with Santa Claus. While a lot of these pictures will ultimately become holiday staples when it comes to decorating, some of them absolutely won't.

Here are some of the creepiest, most bizarre Santa pictures you'll ever see. They're just a little bit too weird for our liking.

1. This kid knows it.

2. That mask is brutal.

3. Don't wake him up!

4. I'm scared of this one.

5. Is that a clown or Santa? Either way...terrifying.

6. Santa visits a sick kid....and makes her feel worse.

7. A very disgruntled-looking Kris Kringle.

8. Did Santa get punched in the eyes? If so, why?

9. Straight out of a horror film.

10. Glad I didn't live back then.

11. Damn, Santa. Would it kill you to smile for the camera?

12. Santa is surprised that these girls hate him.

13. Where'd his eyes go?

14. I don't even think that's Santa.

15. Is this Santa even human?

16. That's one creepy eye.

17. Watch the hands, buddy.

18. Santa's two friends are horrifying.

19. Why is he alone? That's the weirdest part.

20. This is not my kind of Santa.

21. This is an impostor!

22. Looking much less jolly than usual.

23. Oh goodness, no! NO!

24. At least this Santa looks relatively human. He's just a drunk human.

25. Santa after he turned to the Dark Side.

26. What's going on here?

27. Pretty sure that's just a random dude. Take your kids off of his lap.

28. Those eyes. Those horrible eyes.

29. These masks are horrendous!

30. Everything about this picture gives me the willies.

31. That little girl knows that she needs to get away.

32. That's not the look you should be going for, Santa.

33. Too much eye shadow. It's not cute.

(via BuzzFeed)

The joy of the holidays will not come with these creepy Santas lurking around. Let's just hope that none of the mall Santas this year look like any of the dudes above. No child deserves that.