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This Man Is Literally A Human Battery...And He's So Metal

OCTOBER 20, 2015  —  By Tim Unkenholz  
Tim Unkenholz

Tim Unkenholz

Writer and stand up comedian in NY. Check out my monthly comedy show Roomie Raiders at the Creek and The Cave! @timunken

People are hugely into superhero movies nowadays, but anyone who flips through The Guinness Book of World Records knows that there are people all over the world who exhibit real-life powers.

Take Serbia's Slavisa Pajkic for instance. He's known internationally as "Battery Man." He may not be able to generate electricity on his own, but the amount of voltage that this man can withstand is unbelievable.

Shocks over 50 volts can be fatal to humans, but in 1983, Slavisa Pajkic set his first world record by withstanding a 20,000-volt shock.

Pajkic can also course electricity through his veins like a human conductor.

He can power lightbulbs and cook sausages, and that's what's important.

The reason why Pajkic can do this is unknown, but some scientists believe that a genetic defect is the culprit.

Watch the craziness in action:


Although he's already received two world records, Pajkic has his heart set on getting another. He wants to charge a million-volt battery while also shooting lasers from his fingers. That ought to do it, right?